Conference Emcee
Conference Emcee


Hyphens Group Celebrate 150 Event

Nov 2023


Celebrations give us the opportunity to look back at how far we have come, and for Hyphens Group who engaged me to #host their Celebrate 150 event, the festivities held triple significance:
🎉Hyphens revenue exceeding S$150 million in FY2022;
🎉Hyphens fifth year anniversary as a public company; and
🎉25 years of the Group’s founding.
The Group also paid tribute to its diverse workforce and inclusive culture, with a few of their Board of Directors and key management figures from Singapore headed to offices in the other four countries (Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines) to celebrate the event with their local employees.
The event proceedings in Singapore, which were split into two sessions with conference style keynote speeches and presentations in the afternoon, and a fun dinner party with colorful cultural performances from every region in the evening, were broadcasted to the other countries.
Thank you so much once again for having me as the official #masterofceremony to #emcee this international milestone event.

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Hyphens Group Celebrate 150 Event

Hyphens Group celebrated three significant milestones during their “Celebrate 150” event, where I served as the official master of ceremony. The event marked Hyphens’ achievements, including surpassing S$150 million in revenue for FY2022, their fifth year as a public company, and the 25th anniversary of the group’s founding. The festivities included key management figures visiting offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines to celebrate with local employees. The event in Singapore featured conference-style keynote speeches and presentations during the afternoon, followed by a lively dinner party with cultural performances from each region, which were broadcasted to other countries. It was an honor to host this international milestone celebration for Hyphens Group.
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