Conference Emcee
Conference Emcee


Inaugural CET Masters Series 2018

Nov 2023


Setting the mood for VIP speakers to be as comfortable as possible expressing themselves in conversation with each other and the audience – that’s one of the things Emcee Wayne Chan takes great care in doing as a professional host and moderator.

Once your guests are comfortable with the environment your style creates, they give full voice to their opinions much better.

This atmosphere makes for a fun and lively exchange of ideas, something that every formal conference, seminar or symposium needs to succeed as an engaging industry forum.

It’s always a cerebral delight to be given the opportunity to artfully tickle the intellect of distinguished panelists on stage to tease out insightful gems and reward the audience with valuable takeaways.

Thank you to Ngee Ann Polytechnic for engaging Emcee Wayne
Chan to anchor their inaugural CET Masters Series 2018, which aimed to help educators and trainers build capabilities for the future with a focus on entrepreneurship.

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Inaugural CET Masters Series 2018

Emcee Wayne Chan excels at creating a comfortable atmosphere for VIP speakers, ensuring they feel at ease expressing themselves during conversations with each other and the audience. This approach fosters a lively exchange of ideas, essential for the success of formal conferences, seminars, or symposiums as engaging industry forums. Wayne delights in intellectually engaging distinguished panelists, extracting insightful gems that provide valuable takeaways for the audience. He expresses gratitude to Ngee Ann Polytechnic for involving him in anchoring their inaugural CET Masters Series 2018, focused on building future capabilities for educators and trainers, particularly in the realm of entrepreneurship.

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