As a former journalist who had to churn out about 3-4 major news stories a day, penning down his thoughts articulately is like second nature to Wayne.

Being able to clearly express oneself in words is not only an extremely powerful professional skill, but it may also help inspire and motivate others along their life’s journey.

Posted on July 4, 2020 by Wayne Chan

Design Excellence Awards

Wayne was the perfect Master of Ceremony for the Design Excellence Awards event that I was in charge of directing in 2015.  As with all awards ceremonies, the names of the Sponsors, VIPs and the Winners needed perfect pronunciations; the proceedings of the event were also crucial. Yet Wayne did all of that with ease.

There were also multiple last minute changes behind the scenes. What impressed me was Wayne’s flexible response and professionalism in ensuring the event went smoothly.

Wayne is high up my option-list for similar events!

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