As a former journalist who had to churn out about 3-4 major news stories a day, penning down his thoughts articulately is like second nature to Wayne.

Being able to clearly express oneself in words is not only an extremely powerful professional skill, but it may also help inspire and motivate others along their life’s journey.

Posted on August 8, 2021 by Wayne Chan

Ence Marketing

As a host and emcee, Wayne is a true professional – respectful of clients, the events team, takes initiative to work well with my team and he is always well-prepared.

It is a real pleasure working with Wayne. He hosts meaningfully, thoughtfully, and makes sure the event is well enjoyed and well presented, the way the brand should be. I have worked with several emcees in the past, and I am glad to say I never have to worry about Wayne getting names and designations mixed up (very impt and has appallingly happened for my events) and never have to worry about him rushing through the programme just so he can get paid (yes, I had an emcee once who rattled off award recipient names without a care to who was on stage!).

I hope that you enjoy working with Wayne as much as my team and I do.

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