As a former journalist who had to churn out about 3-4 major news stories a day, penning down his thoughts articulately is like second nature to Wayne.

Being able to clearly express oneself in words is not only an extremely powerful professional skill, but it may also help inspire and motivate others along their life’s journey.

Posted on August 6, 2021 by Wayne Chan

OGL Events

As an events company, the reason why I often recommend Wayne to my clients is his impressive range as an emcee. From hosting FMCG roadshows to attract heartlanders to spend on household products at our local supermarkets, to helming exclusive overseas property investment seminars aimed at piquing the interest of foreign investors in a posh 5-star hotel, there is almost no situation where we’ve deployed him that he cannot handle. Look no further, Wayne is a reliable, flexible and adaptable master-of-ceremonies you desire for your show!

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