Huawei Southern Pacific ISP Summit
in Events January 24, 2021

The Huawei Southern Pacific ISP Summit 2018 gathered over 150 analysts and key industry players to exchange views on how the ISP industry could speed up digital transformation and promote a single digital economy in ASEAN.

The summit, in its third year, took the theme of “Leading New ICT, Achieve and Accelerate Digital Revolution with ISP”. At the summit, Huawei and partners discussed key industry trends, connected with other industry players, and showed their latest innovations in cloud computing, among other smart technologies.

Collectively, ASEAN is the sixth largest economy in the world. Its rapidly growing digital economy generates about US$150 billion in revenue annually1. According to a recent study, the region has the potential to generate an additional US$1 trillion in combined GDP by 2025 with a robust digital agenda.

Wayne loves hosting tech conferences like this where he gets to learn about the latest innovations as we drive towards a digital economy.

Staff Union of NTUC-ARU Dinner and Dance
in Events January 20, 2021

A super celebration of epic proportions with the Staff Union of NTUC-ARU (SUN), which brought over 600 employees of NTUC-ARU to party together under one roof at Orchard Hotel Singapore.

The highlight was watching how #NTUC Secretary General, Brother Ng Chee Meng 黄志明, motivates the ground effortlessly, almost acting as Wayne’s co-host at times!

Setting the mood for the evening by flying in to the tune of “Danger Zone” from Top Gun, the former Chief of Airforce and fighter pilot is a natural on stage and obviously well-loved by his staff.

The event was also attended by Ministers  Poh-Koon Koh and Heng Chee How, who brought their own star power to the festivities!

Canon Product Launches
in Events January 19, 2021

You can trust Wayne to give your product launch the fanfare it deserves. That’s why global fortune 500 companies like Canon have trusted him with many of their events to unveil their latest innovations to their audiences.

Wayne is one of the official emcees tapped on year after year for the digital imaging behemoth’s exclusive events, using his voice to bring their brand story to life.

PUB World Water Day
in Events January 18, 2021

Wayne’s extensive public sector experience in the communications departments of statutory boards like NEA, LTA and BCA make him an ideal choice for your public education outreach campaigns. Effectively bilingual, he was selected to host the grand finale of PUB’s World Water Day sharing the stage with his former colleagues from MediaCorp, Muttons in the morning Vernon A and Justin Ang from Class 95 as well as Kunhua and Jiahui from Yes 93.3. And of course the entertaining Aunty Lucy, as we worked together to educate the community about saving water in line with the massive Singapore World Water Day 2018 campaign, the biggest ever at the time, organized by PUB and supported by some 600 partners islandwide.

Coach Dinner and Dance
in Events January 17, 2021

Wayne delivered an exhilarating experience lighting up the stage with fun and laughter at international luxury brand COACH’s neon-themed DND. It was one of the craziest parties he has ever hosted, as he entertained a vibrant audience decked in almost every colour of the rainbow, turning in a rapturous night at the iconic Zouk disco club.

EPSON Lunar New Year Celebration
in Events January 17, 2021

No stranger to hosting high end client appreciation events, Wayne helmed the 2020 Lunar New Year celebration dinner for Epson’s top dealers and partners, entertaining the audience with a mix of English, Mandarin and dialect at Goodwood Park Hotel. No need to worry if your emcee can read Chinese characters if the lohei menu or anything else changes at the last minute, Wayne was from a SAP school, Anglican High, and has been immersed in a Mandarin speaking environment since the start of his academic journey.

Mott Macdonald Dinner and Dance
in Events January 16, 2021

If you want an emcee that’s a big blast of fun without crossing over into clown territory, Wayne will be your man. Check out his colourful but classy costume as the first Avenger, Captain America, for a Heroes VS Villains themed dinner and dance for 500 local employees of Mott Macdonald, a UK engineering consultancy firm founded in 1902, with 16,000 employees worldwide, that was responsible for monumental projects like the London Underground and the Aswan Dam. Epic!

Marsling-Yew Tee National Day Celebrations
in Events January 15, 2021

As a former Assistant Director with the People’s Association, Wayne understands the importance of successful grassroots events to build a strong cohesive community. That’s why he is often tapped on to helm mega community events like this National Day celebration for Marsiling-Yew Tee Constituency.

Families for Life Outdoor Events
in Events January 14, 2021

Singapore’s evergreen East Coast Park brings to mind so many nostalgic memories of growing up in the 80s and 90s before the Internet permeated our lives.

Remember the times we went cycling, bowling, barbecuing and had massive water bomb wars with family and friends, even chucking each other into the deep blue sea without ever worrying about whether our mobile phones will “lip chwee”?

Fast forward to today, and there are now so many things that require our attention in an increasingly fast-paced digital world.

That’s why it’s even more important for us to make a conscious decision to prioritise quality time spent with our loved ones, in spite of the onslaught of distractions from our electronic devices.

Wayne always has a blast hosting the “My Family Weekend” picnics, this last one was at East Coast Park (was also helming the festivities last year at Botanic Gardens), marking his fourth event with Families for Life, a people-sector Council, promoting strong and resilient families in Singapore.

What THEY SAY about wayne


Wayne did a stellar job in bringing his high energy hosting style to HSBC Life’s 2021 mid-year celebratory event where our bank’s staff gathered virtually to recognize some of our key achievements and milestones.

His smooth and punchy delivery was executed remotely , and is something that really makes him stand out as an emcee. He is an asset for any team bonding and corporate engagement events. Kudos Wayne!

Leah Ng, Chief Distribution Officer, HSBC

We’ve had Wayne for several of Canon’s important and exclusive product launch events over the years, where he was not only responsible for presenting our latest digital offerings to our key stakeholders, but also in charge of entertaining them with games and activities in appreciation of their continued support and partnership.

Wayne never fails to help bring the right amount of energy and engagement to each show that he’s hosted with us, be it a corporate business conference or a new product launch.

If you’re looking for an emcee with great versatility, who can deliver both fun and formal segments at the same event, then Wayne is your man!

Kwan Ho, Senior Marketing Manager, Canon
DMG Events

Wayne is one of our top choices for hosting duties when it comes to many of the major global conferences and summits that we organise for DMG’s distinguished clientele in the energy sector, including the Gas Asia Summit and the Asean Energy Business Forum.

One of the challenges of such mega conventions is delivering the somewhat serious subject matter in a way that captures an audience’s attention in an elegant and engaging manner.

Wayne is one of the rare few who is able to be both dignified and dynamic, making sure that he doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to sudden changes or pronouncing slightly trickier international names, yet lending prestige in the way he delivers the content.

We are thankful to Wayne for his dedication to always making a difference at our events!

Yuyuan Chen, Head of Energy Transition - Asia, DMG Events
Winter Wonderland

When we were planning the first ever Christmas countdown show for Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay, we knew we needed a host that fully embodies the Yuletide spirit and was capable of capturing the attention of a crowd in a public setting. Wayne was the first name that came to mind.

Christmas Wonderland is Singapore’s biggest annual Yuletide fair which has attracted approximately half a million visitors annually on average since its debut in 2014, so it was crucial to select the right emcee who could bring the holiday mood and festive cheer to a massive fairground.

Wayne was able to personify what we envisioned, bringing a commanding presence to our show and even took the initiative to put on his own Christmas themed outfit, fitting right in with Santa, his elves, and other magical Christmas characters at our event. We look forward to working with him again for more future large-scale productions

Fiona Smith, Project Director, Blue Sky Events
Ape Works

Wayne is one of the top emcees that I have used for many of my events. His high level of versatility, professionalism and adaptability is the reason why we have selected him to host a variety of events for our diverse clientele. We have engaged him to anchor family days, carnivals, corporate events, symposiums etc and even when we had to pivot to virtual events due to COVID-19 in 2020, he still remains one of the most highly sought after presenters in the virtual sphere. I would definitely recommend him for any show, whether it’s hybrid, digital or a physical live event – he always delivers!

Damien Yoo, Business Development Manager, Ape Works Pte Ltd

The team engaged Wayne as a host and moderator for the Formula 1 tech conference, one of Singapore GP’s community outreach events in 2019.

We had a fully subscribed event, and Wayne excelled with his high energy and sharp wit. We were impressed by how he was able to engage the diverse crowd and think on his feet as he moderated panel discussions with speakers from the F1 fraternity.

Wayne did a great job at the event, and comes highly recommended.

Eiktha Khemlani, Assistant Director, Media and Communications, Singapore GP

Lively, confident and boisterous.

These were the defining characteristics of Wayne’s hosting performance when he was engaged to emcee Epson’s annual Lunar New Year prosperity dinner in 2020, which was organized to recognize and appreciate our top business partners and distributors.

It was especially impressive to watch Wayne transit from the more formal awards segments to become a full-on entertainer conversing in English, Mandarin and dialect to rile up the crowd with fun games and activities, even physically running from one end of the ballroom to another to ensure no one was left out as he built the desired festive atmosphere to usher in the new Year of the Rat.

Wayne’s a real natural on stage, very hardworking, and we look forward to having him again for similar events in future

Lionel Gan, Manager, Epson
Ence Marketing

As a host and emcee, Wayne is a true professional – respectful of clients, the events team, takes initiative to work well with my team and he is always well-prepared.

It is a real pleasure working with Wayne. He hosts meaningfully, thoughtfully, and makes sure the event is well enjoyed and well presented, the way the brand should be. I have worked with several emcees in the past, and I am glad to say I never have to worry about Wayne getting names and designations mixed up (very impt and has appallingly happened for my events) and never have to worry about him rushing through the programme just so he can get paid (yes, I had an emcee once who rattled off award recipient names without a care to who was on stage!).

I hope that you enjoy working with Wayne as much as my team and I do.

Angela Sim, Managing Director, ENCE Marketing Group
OGL Events

As an events company, the reason why I often recommend Wayne to my clients is his impressive range as an emcee. From hosting FMCG roadshows to attract heartlanders to spend on household products at our local supermarkets, to helming exclusive overseas property investment seminars aimed at piquing the interest of foreign investors in a posh 5-star hotel, there is almost no situation where we’ve deployed him that he cannot handle. Look no further, Wayne is a reliable, flexible and adaptable master-of-ceremonies you desire for your show!

Kenneth Tong, Founder & Owner, OGL Asia Pte Ltd

I cannot recommend Wayne enough! When I was with German MNC Thyssenkrupp, I was looking out for an emcee that was able to host our CNY and anniversary event. We had customers coming from all over Southeast Asia and being in the manufacturing industry, it was a tough crowd to navigate and manage. Wayne exemplified flexibility and was able to liven up the crowd together numerous times. He was also able to switch between English, Mandarin and the local dialects well. He is so full of energy and that energy was infectious that night. We were impressed with his attitude and his work ethics. I’m more than happy to work with him again and I’m sure that anyone who picks him to host their event will not be disappointed.

Kenneth Teng, Account Manager, Thyssenkrupp
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