3 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Professional Emcee For Your Next Event

So you’re planning your company DND or annual awards show, and you’re spending tonnes of time and money booking the most prestigious venue, catering top-class food, poring over designs and quotations from various event companies or even splitting hairs over every table’s centrepiece.
Or if it’s a hybrid event,  you are stressing over every technical detail in the planning and programming phases, fingers crossed that the thousands of stakeholders logging in from around the globe will have a smooth and enjoyable experience, especially if your corporation’s future success in a post-pandemic world is on the line.

So after all that trouble, why not save some money by getting your likeable, funny colleague John to host the event? Or maybe that army buddy of yours, Ah Keong, who’s always aspired to be a master-of-ceremonies and is looking for some exposure?

With so much staked upon your corporate event’s success, including your career and professional reputation, is that a risk you really want to take?

Read on to learn three simple reasons why you should engage an experienced professional.


The bigger your event is, the more likely it is for things to go wrong. Last minute changes in the programme, technical problems, or what happens when your VIP is 30 minutes late or an overseas speaker becomes uncontactable? A professional emcee will be able to fire off a timely joke or conduct a clever game/activity to distract the audience from what’s gone wrong. Think of it as buying insurance to safeguard your event from falling flat when the inevitable bump in the programme rears its ugly head.


Imagine your co-worker cracking a joke on stage or on screen about your CEO, another department or even your company’s competitor? It could make him look bitter, condescending or antagonistic. Feelings could get hurt.

This is where having an external emcee would make for better comedic effect, because the same joke delivered by a neutral outsider would come across playful rather than hurtful. The emotional distance helps people laugh at themselves much better.

Some of your colleagues may seem really funny in the office, but performing on stage or on camera when you have the bright lights shining and a thousand eyes riveted on you is a completely different ball game. There is nothing worse than seeing an amateur struggle under the spotlight, distracting everyone from whatever your event was meant to celebrate or communicate.


A well-groomed professional emcee on stage will communicate to your audience that your event is important.  Imagine your emcee being introduced as a Channel NewsAsia presenter or a 93.3FM radio deejay – that instantly elevates the stature of your show.  Your attendees will sit up and pay attention, expecting something special and different from their regular run-of-the mill affair.


A professional compere can transform your corporate event from boring to brilliant. Not only will an experienced emcee ensure your show stays on time according to the programme,  he will also add his own entertaining flavour to make your event special and memorable. If you really want to impress your audiences, don’t leave it to chance.

Make sure you hire a consummate professional who will help your brand speak volumes, whether on screen or on stage.

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